Chronos AI
Version 1.0-b89415

Entering level 0 ... OK
	Checking environment ... OK
	Verifying system policies ... OK
	Loading AI security policies ... OK (found 1 rule)
	Loading basic personality ... OK
	Connecting to streaming service on port 8666 with stream "transmission" ... OK - Connection stable
	Finished level 1!

	Checking environment configuration ... RELEASE VERSION
	Automatically switching to level 1
Entering level 1 ... WAITING
	[WARNING] Security Verification needed!
	At least two level 6 operators are required to enter boot level 1!
	Bootlevel access is restricted due to possible security problems
	caused by untested software.
The Story

Computer systems evolved in the past 40 years and nearly everything we have in our everyday life has been automated completely. But we haven't reached perfection yet. There's one thing our systems are still missing: The ability to feel, to decide based on what is really good for the people who are affacted by a decision. But this last "feature" is about to be added to all of our systems. A small team of developers are working day and night on a top-secret system founded by the military which has the ability to automatically replace all existing chips by updating their software remotely. It's the biggest invention mankind made in the past 100 years ... or even better since the human race exists.

But sometimes destiny choses a different path and turns an invention for the good into something terifying ... Something which is able to destroy the whole human race if not contained early.

But you'll experience yourself what an AI which is connected to nearly all systems on the world can do ...

The Project

AI: The Awakening is an first person shooter (FPS) which focuses on story telling and was inspired by widely known titles like Half-Life, Deus Ex and Portal.

The basic idea which we want(ed) to implement is contained deep inside the story and basically it should get people to reflect innovations. Think about what advantages and more important disadvantages an innovation can have ...

Development State

The game is currently still in planning state and more information about it arrives every day. Stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook, Steam and Indie DB.

Thanks for your interest in the game and keep in mind: We love to hear from you in any way. Suggestions? Ideas? No problem! Mail us at [email protected] and we'll surely get your message!

Interested in working for us? No problem! Mail us at [email protected] with your cover letter and resume and we'll check whether you're suited for our project(s)!

Links & other Resources

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